End Cap

End Cap

This seal is an all-in-one blanking cap to seal bearings where the shaft does not pass through the housing wall. A rubber covered case provides an easy and effective push fit to blank off holes in gear boxes, engine cases etc.

Wiper Seals

Wiper SealsThe role of the wiper seal is to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt or other foreign bodies, therefore extending the working life of the seal it is protecting.

Types include:

For other materials and types, please contact our sales department.

Distributer SealDistributor Seals

Distributor seals have asymmetric lip profiles and are available in the following styles:

For more information on Distributor Seals see our datasheet Go!

Quad Rings

Quad RingsThese seals are designed with a section of 4 lobes offering symmetry advantages similar to an O-ring, but providing an improved solution for the sealing of pneumatic applications. Available in Nitrile as standard. For other materials, contact our sales department.

Quad Rings can be supplied in virtually all sizes as the British Imperial O-Ring range. Metric dimensions may be available on request.

For more information on Quad Rings see our datasheet Go!


V-ringsAxial seal for shafts and bearings. It seals axially against a counterface. This type of seal has proved to be reliable and effective against dust,dirt, water and oil splash and other media.The most common type of seal is the VA. It has a perpendicular backface. Other styles include:

All available as Nitrile and FPM (alternative to Viton ® Du Pont &Dow Elastomers) as standard. Other materials available as non-stock items. For more information on v-rings, see our v-rings datasheet Go!

Rb (bonded) SealsRB Seals

The RB or gamma seal is designed to provide an uncomplicated and efficient rotary shaft seal, to prevent the ingress of dirt and liquid. It is used to protect bearings and conventional radial seals in dirty and demanding applications. For more information on RB (gamma) seals, see our gamma seals datasheet Go!

Bonded Seals

Bonded SealThe bonded seal is a metal washer with a vulcanised rubber insert for use in high pressure applications where other means of sealing are unsuitable. Bonded seals are now available in self centralising form, which eliminates seal offset and makes for easier installation.

Available in Imperial, German Metric and French Metric sizes and various metals and sealing materials to suit your application.

For more information on bonded seals, see our bonded seals datasheet Go!

Selon & Seloc

Selon and SelocSelon is a nylon covered sealing washer which is self retaining and resistant to oils and fuels, unlike the copper based items it replaces. Working parameters are up to 200lb/in², and working pressure up to 100°C.
Seloc is a shakeproof washer well known for it's ability to resist vibration, the effect of tightening the bolt or nut causing the metal serrations to pierce the rubber, bite into the relative metal surface and thus provide the necessary locking action. The covering of rubber reduces the risk of corrosion that would occur with a normal lock washer by enveloping the scores in the protective treatment on the metal face to give protection against moisture and oxidation.

For selon reference/sizes see our datasheet Go!
For seloc reference/sizes see our datasheet Go!
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